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May 29, 2008

I guess you can say the past couple of months were temporary brain freezes. The truth is, the last month of my third year at University of Florida was consumed with designing, writing and editing. But my brain was frozen from anything that wasn’t That Girl!

That Girl! is the go-to guide for the wireless girl. That Girl! is the first ever, fully integrated media brand for young girls ages 7-12. That Girl! is a magazine, a Web site and a mobile service.

That Girl! started as a project for the UF Spring 2008 JOU4510 Magazine Management and Publication class. But it ended up as something way more, something way bigger than any of us could have expected. (With many thanks to an unbelievable professor, professional and friend.)

I was no longer a student; I was the managing editor of That Girl! Along with my two dear friends and tireless colleagues, Editor in Chief Nicole Orr and Creative Director Holly Gibbs, we took on full responsibility of seeing this prototype through to the very end.

Yes, there were long days. Yes, there were all nighters. Yes, there were early mornings spent sleeping in front of a professor’s door. But my God was it worth it when we saw our project, out magazine hot from the press.

But, the semester ended and we dispersed away from Gainesville for our summer plans: Nicole at Wesh 2 News in Orlando, Holly at Florida Engineer in, okay well she didn’t leave Gainesville, and me at Creative Loafing in Atlanta.

So in a way, I’m back. Back to my life, my music, my writing. I moved home for the summer, at the office 2 days a week, and not doing a whole lot more, so I plan to write as much as possible about whatever is possible. I suspect a majority of that will be done through Crib Notes, CL’s music blog, and printed in the newsweekly, but I won’t stray for too long away from “a little blood…”

But for now, it’ll be linked to my articles online, like my first.

But, That Girl! isn’t over. It’s just on break. So be on the lookout for us on cover of Forbes 500.

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  1. May 29, 2008 7:04 pm

    I miss you guys so much!!
    I hope your summer is amazing so far… and I hope you’re ready for another go-round with TG!, because the more I bounce it off people I run into, the more I realize the gold mine we were dealing with there….

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