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Hightide Blues vs. The Reeds Saturday

June 6, 2008

I don’t know about you, but if I were a musician, Bonnaroo would be the ultimate bullet point on my resume. The Trump card to all other gigs. 92.9 Dave FM has already given two local Atlanta bands that opportunity, and Saturday at the 2008 Virginia Highland Summerfest, it will name their third winner of the Third Annual Search-a-Roo contest in the ultimate head-to-head competition, Hightide Blues vs. The Reeds.

Thursday, I got the chance to chat with Hightide Blues lead singer Paul McDonald and The Reeds lead singer Josh Reid to see just how they’re handling the pressure. Both bands are in completely different locations but have two huge things in common: an original sound with an incredible fan base.

Auburn alums Hightide Blues blends old fashioned southern rock with sharp vocals and rhythmic guitar chords with acoustic roots. Add that with McDonald’s raspy voice (which has quite the sex appeal), and you’ve got a real put-together band. In a matter of two years, they went from playing house parties in Auburn, Alabama to sharing the stage with the likes of Sister Hazel, Graham Colton and an upcoming summer tour with my person faves Benjy Davis Project. Touring all around the Southeast, HTB has played more than 150 shows just in 2007. Song you gotta hear: “415” from their new album, Love Come Easy.

University of Georgia grads The Reeds have a slightly more mellow sound. They’re a blues-heavy band with a bit of pop, jazz and folk peppered in, making a perfect backdrop to Reid’s serenading voice. Reid and violin playe Ben Austin have been a duo since high school, but the just added a full band in December 2007 when they started recording their new CD, Bleed Lust. “Autumn Blues” is one of my faves from their MySpace page. You can just feel the sorrow dripping from the steady violin chords and the heartbreak in Reid’s voice. Saturday will be their first live performance.

So whatever your fancy, you need to add these two rising superstars to your play list. Your MP3 just isn’t complete without it.

Check out my full article about Search-a-Roo here.

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  1. June 10, 2008 11:40 pm

    Hey Erin,

    Cool article, thanks for writing about us!



  1. virginia highlands summerfest | Hottags

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