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Introducing the Crusade for Multiple Admin Commenters. Join me, won’t you?

August 6, 2010

Facebook Page Admin

Dear Facebook,

I’m frustrated. And you better believe I’m going to tell you why.

I’m an admin for 352 Media Group’s Facebook page. But like many Facebook pages, we have two

admins. (Our CMO Peter is the other.) Between the two of us, we always keep the page updated and make sure we have a cohesive tone for 352’s social media presence. But there’s one thing that irks me about being an admin of a page, dear Facebook: Why can’t I comment as myself and can only comment as 352 Media Group on our Facebook page? You allow me to “like” something on my company page from my personal account; I can even personally like a comment my company makes. So, why are you discriminating against the comment itself?

What’s that? You need some evidence on why this would ever be needed? I’m so glad you asked.

Click here to continue to 352 Media Group’s blog Ranting & Raving for more on this post.

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