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INsite Magazine
An entertainment monthly magazine in Gainesville, Florida catering to campus life and local music, news, food and entertainment. (circ. 30,000)

As the editorial intern, I covered local news, entertainment, restaurant reviews, profiles and the 2,000-word monthly calendar. I also oversaw entire production of Gainesville’s 20 Most Interesting, an eight-page spread running in the Jan. 2008 issue.

As the senior music writer, I created a must-see concert guide of out-of-town shows and reviewd three albums monthly.

Feed Your Need for New Wave

  • Get Out!, April 2008

Fresh Tracks

  • New Music, March 2008

Top 3 Out-of-Town Shows

  • Get Out!, February 2008

Gainesville’s 20 Most Interesting

  • Special Feature; January 2008

Manuel’s Vintage Room

  • Restaurant Review; January 2008

The Life of Lily Allen

  • Celebrity Feature, November 2007

5 Best Places to Study

  • Get Out!; September 2007
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